Clipboard Extender

Clipboard Extender

Extends clipboard and allows to share it between multiple devices in the network
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Clipboard Extender makes everyday work much more efficient. The default system clipboard offers only one copy at the time. With this application you can copy text multiple times and everything is stored in the Clipboard History, which you can easily browse. Using global hot keys you can switch fast between entries and paste their content efficiently.

This application also makes possible to share clipboard content between multiple devices in the network. Copied data will be immediately available on all connected devices.

- Configurable Clipboard History with support for multiple screens.
- Global hot keys (shortcuts) to switch between entries and show history.
- Support for formatted text such as HTML and RTF.
- History stored on disk and loaded every time the computer is turned on.
- Optional clipboard encryption on disk, so that nobody but the current user could access it.
- Preserved history, even if the computer crashes.
- Joining multiple entries with the selected separator.
- Two modes of clipboard preview: small balloon or full history window.
- Shared clipboard for multiple devices in the network.
- Encrypted connection while sharing (using TLS protocol).
- Auto connection to remembered devices.
- Invisible work in the system tray most features are easily accessible through the context menu.

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